Slide Seed to Shelf Our unwavering passion is to deliver international quality food.
We look after everything in-house, from procuring seeds to
farming, storing to processing potatoes, and finally
delivering the best.


3 Generations
of Seed potatoes

We source exotic, premium quality European-American tubers from eminent Tissue Culture Labs across the globe. The tubers then undergo seed multiplication through our contract farms in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and North Gujarat.

Banaskantha- India's top potato producing region

North Gujarat has emerged to be a leader in cultivation of potatoes. All major processors source their potato from this region. HyFun enjoys a very productive relationship with the potato growers in & around North Gujarat. Apart from Gujarat we also grow and source our potatoes from regions of Punjab and Himachal to ensure a smooth and consistent supply.

with farmers

The farmers are given exclusive training by qualified International Agro Experts on Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) and practices that help preserve the crop quality after harvesting. They are educated on seed selection, viable quality of pesticides, insecticides and their appropriate application on the crops to ensure crop safety.

Our partners
in success

We have farming contracts with over 2500+ farmers which ensures a continuous and a reliable supply of produce and thereby helps us provide assured returns to farmers.


At HyFun, we constantly invest in R&D and come up with innovative strategies for cultivation. Our team of Agro Experts regularly carry out trials in our corporate farms, for new potato varieties.

Storage and Processing

From the farms, the potatoes are stocked in our in-house cold storage
from where they are moved straight to our processing unit.

Cold Storage

Our in-house sub-zero cold storage can store upto 1.50 lakh tons of potato. The facility fights fluctuating temperature levels by providing dehumidification and extra climate control to the crop. Our storage capacity ensures that we are well-stocked throughout the year which enables us to invariably meet all demands with consistent quality.

Processing unit

At HyFun, operations and technology fuse together seamlessly to create a completely integrated processing unit spread across 20 acres. Our infrastructure boasts of a fully automated processing line imported from Europe. That is what truly makes HyFun an 'Indian Company with Global Standards'. Zero human intervention results in consistent quality and controlled hygiene standards. We practice Individual Quick Freezing (IQF), which maintains and preserves potatoes in the same farm-fresh condition for more than a year.


Accredited to the highest global standards



We strive to achieve excellence in complex logistical operations through multiple in-house and 3p distribution centres based out in major cities across the country. Our high-tech, GPS-enabled systems of refrigerated & dry fleets support synergized actions and meet on-time delivery commitments along with maintaining utmost quality controls.


HyFun is the unanimous choice of all the prominent leaders in the FMCG industry. We are now all geared up to cater to end-consumers, with our wide range of delicious snacks. Our super tasty, super quick range of delightful munchies is now available in every major city of India across both, modern and traditional channels.

Food Services (HoReCa)
Providing bulk quantities while consistently maintaining product quality makes us a chef’s favourite.

HyFun Retail Packs
HyFun frozen snacks are now also available at leading grocery stores in India, providing savory frozen treats made with the best quality ingredients to ensure remarkable taste.
Quick Service Restaurants
Providing convenient and hygienic products that meet international standards.

Providing demand-specific customizations on product as well as packaging and creating unique packages that stand out on the shelf and fulfill your brand promise.